Do you feel learning DSP needs to be a little more interactive?

You need more help in understanding the complex DSP techniques, isn’t it?

Do you want to visualize what you have learned in theory classes in an illustrative manner?

Are you in search of a mentor that helps you to understand all the basic and advanced concepts in DSP?


Yes..!!! You can make the learning of DSP an interesting one with the help of Mentor-DSP software. This software is designed keeping in mind how we can learn all the DSP techniques in a simple and illustrative manner while avoiding the barriers of detailed mathematics. Students can make the theory they learned in to practice very easily with the help of this software.


Mentor-DSP software is designed with a simple GUI which helps you to migrate to multiple windows with the help of shortcut keys like SIGgen, DSPpro, NUMpro, DSPbase, MATHstat, IMAGEsee, and COMpro. You can really work out on some interesting DSP techniques in real time by using the real time features of this software such as real time spectrogram, real time autocorrelation and real time filtering. Now no need to be panic about the advanced DSP technique such as image processing since they have been exclusively covered in this software in an illustrative manner.


Check below the Easy Navigation GUI of Mentor-DSP