Mentor-DSP is an easy to use, interactive software tool cum comprehensive learning resource for various signal processing techniques. The software includes real-time features such as sound processing and interface with a specific DSP hardware platform. It is simple, intuitive and straightforward to use, targeted to students in the field of digital signal processing.

Mentor-DSP will prove very helpful for teachers to use it during classroom teaching. Teachers can use it Mentor-DSP for in depth explanation of DSP functions & techniques.



Mentor-DSP targets engineering students and learning professionals to pilot them right from basic fundamentals of DSP and advance DSP techniques like DCT, speech synthesis and Image processing.

Mentor-DSP is divided into various modules which cover various DSP aspects. These modules are not only user friendly in navigation but also easy to use. They are as follows


DSPbase >> Basic DSP
NumPro >> Data Formats
SigGen >> Signal Generator
DSPro >> DSP Functions
MathSTAT >> Statistical DSP
ImageSEE >> Image Processing
ComPro >> DSP for Communication