Generally students do not enjoy complex mathematical DSP algorithms in theory classroom?

There is so much to teach in DSP and so small the time you get to cover the subject, isn’t it?

How much time is spent to draw & illustrate resulting waveforms on drawing boards? and yet they are not alive.

Are you interested in making your class alive when you teach the complex DSP techniques?


MentorDSP a comprehensive DSP software package for teaching Digital Signal Processing makes classroom teaching alive with its illustrative GUIs and resulting waveforms, it helps in teaching the complex DSP algorithms in a simple and interesting manner.


MentorDSP is an interactive teaching aid which helps the teachers to convey the most important and complex digital signal processing techniques to the students. Teachers can make students understand very basic concepts in DSP such as Sampling theorem, Data conversion, Aliasing effects, Quantization, Signal generation etc to various signal processing techniques Convolution, Correlation, Filtering, FFT& IFFT, Modulation schemes etc and finally paves the way towards advance DSP techniques like DCT, Speech synthesis and Image processing.


Using real time sound processing feature teachers can make the students understand frequencies present in their speech with the help of real time spectrogram and real time sound correlation techniques. With this features your classroom with no more be ‘dead’ .